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Above the Clouds
PO Box 61
Canaan, CT 06018
Tel: 860.245.9375

You've landed in paradise with all of your top clients and producers. Language is a barrier, your transport company rep is nowhere to be found, and no one is answering the emergency number. You can't find two of your guests....   Go.

Between air, ground transportation, meals, gifting and acivities/tours there's just a lot that goes into a successful, stress-free trip.  A lot of things can undermine your guests' experience and ruin it (and your investment) before it even starts. Like any business built on variables, something always goes wrong in travel.  But at Deoradh, we're pros with years of experience - enough to know that no one has "seen it all", so we've done our due diligence ... we've got this. When you bring us on board to book and operate your program you can sit back, relax and spend time with your guests enjoying the amazing experience we've put together for them. and Focus on your business - we'll handle all the rest.


We like to focus on authenticity, developing trips that will engage your guests in an immersive, off=the-beaten-track experience in incredible destinations.  History, food, culture and the natural wonders await you from hundreds of incredible destinations worldwide and across the US.    

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